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AES develops and produces small sized electronic systems. At AES, our focus is on cost effective solutions, low power consumption and sustainability. Leading industry companies are among the customers of our OEM products.
Together with our sister company SPORTident, a leading manufacturer of time keeping systems for outdoor sports, we share more than 20 years of experience in embedded system design - particularly in RFID applications.

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We offer prototyping, evaluation and testing, as well as product qualification and certification. Our capabilities for serial production include soldering, assembly, programming, testing, calibration and potting. With the support of our long-standing partners, we are able to provide finished OEM products with high quality at competitive prices, even in small quantities.


Our experienced engineers and technicians are looking forward to solving your problems and translating your ideas into technical requirements, from which they will develop a practical solution - matching your specific needs.

Hardware development

Our expertise focuses on the development of embedded systems for data acquisition from sensors, data storage and processing, as well as communication via radio (RFID, NFC, GSM, …) and bus systems (CAN, USB, RS232, …), especially for applications which require low power consumption.

Software development

An intelligent architecture for communication and data processing is what contributed to our success. Development of firmware and customised software solutions for usage, management and maintenance of embedded systems is a cornerstone of our business. We provide full product life cycle support for our OEM solutions.


Based on many years of experience.

Radio-frequency Identification

Short range radio



Powersaving functions


Smart and innovative.


This analog 3D-accelerometer with CAN bus interface was designed for usage in industrial environments. It is fully sealed. The integrated power supply circuit was engineered to accept supply with highly dynamic voltage within a broad range. All devices are calibrated and can detect their mounting direction to aid with integration into various target systems. The accelerometer is produced for the customer at AES.

RFID Reader

This RFID reader system with CAN bus interface was developed as a replacement for keypad-access devices. A customer used these for providing access control for his machines to end customers. The keypad devices had limited driver support and power consumption was not satisfactory. Our RFID reader solution has reduced power consumption, and its firmware can be upgraded through the CAN bus interface to provide new or improved functionality. The integrated power supply circuit was engineered to accept supply with highly dynamic voltage within a broad range. The reader is plug-in compatible with the original keypad and does not require changes in the firmware of the host system. This gives our customer the benefit of being able to easily retrofit older machines. End customers can fully reprogram which RFID tag families the reader should use, and which cards are accepted, at any time through our accompanying software package and dedicated setup devices. The reader is currently produced by AES in multiple variants for our customer, including PC compatible setup devices. AES also offers compatible RFID transponders in various forms, for example as credit card format or as key ring pendants.

Rotary encoder

Signal compatibility between sensor and host system interface can provide challenges when various systems of different origin need to be combined. Changing any of them can be a costly and time-consuming affair. In this example a small electronic board was designed for a customer to convert signals of an encoder unit into signals that are compatible with the host system. The solution is produced at AES for our customer.

Power switch

The module implements a single-phase power switch in the voltage range up to 60V and with currents up to 50A. The module is controlled via CAN commands and has diagnostic functionality and error handling.

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